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Natural and biotechnologically modified sources of phytoestrogens

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B. Thiem

4 (74) 2005; s. 542–545
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Citation phrase: Thiem B. Natural and biotechnologically modified sources of phytoestrogens . Journal of Medical Science. 2005;4(74):542–545.

Phytoestrogens are estrogen-like phenolic compounds of plant origin. Apart from estrogenic effects, these natural substances are endowed with multidirectional biological activity. Recently, phytoestrogens induce wide interest as dietary supplements with medicinal applications. The results of epidemiological and clinical studies on the plant-derived estrogens showed the health-promoting effects in the humans. The search of new sources of those compounds continues among intact plants and by means of biotechnology: in in vitro cultures or genetically modified plants with the help of metabolic engineering. Diet rich in phytoestrogens and nutraceutics with dietary phytoestrogens may be used in the prevention of some hormone-dependent diseases.

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